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Cryptocurrency is gaining popularity in India as a form of investment, payment, and asset. Several Indian investors have been showing a keen interest in the digital currency market. Cryptocurrency is decentralized, and its transactions are recorded in a blockchain network, providing anonymity to its users.

The Indian Government has been closely monitoring the cryptocurrency market’s growth and considering its legal status. The government is working on regulations to control the unregulated cryptocurrency market and its tax implications. Recently, RajkotUpdates.News reported that the government may consider levying TDS/TCS on cryptocurrency trading.

Understanding TDS and TCS

TDS stands for Tax Deducted at Source, and TCS stands for Tax Collected at Source. The Indian government collects TDS/TCS on specific transactions as per the Income Tax Act. The tax collected at source is considered as an advance tax payment that is credited against the final income tax liability.

TDS/TCS is applicable on several transactions like salary, interest income, rent, commission, etc. It is a method of collecting taxes at the source of income. TDS/TCS helps the government in expanding its tax base and curbing tax evasion.

The Impact of TDS/TCS on Cryptocurrency Trading

If the government levies TDS/TCS on cryptocurrency trading, it will have a significant impact on the digital currency market in India. It will be considered as a move towards regulating the unregulated cryptocurrency market.

TDS/TCS on cryptocurrency trading means that the tax will be collected at the source of income. The exchange platforms, where cryptocurrencies are bought and sold, will be responsible for deducting and depositing the tax with the government. The government can use the collected tax to enhance its revenue and invest in public welfare schemes.

Challenges in Implementing TDS/TCS on Cryptocurrency Trading

Levying TDS/TCS on cryptocurrency trading is not an easy task. The government will have to address several challenges before implementing this tax system.

One of the significant challenges is to identify the source of income in cryptocurrency trading. The transactions are recorded in a blockchain network, which provides anonymity to its users. It is challenging to track the transaction and identify the source of income.

Another challenge is to decide the tax rate for TDS/TCS on cryptocurrency trading. The cryptocurrency market is highly volatile, and the tax rate needs to be flexible enough to cater to the market’s fluctuations.


The Indian government is considering levying TDS/TCS on cryptocurrency trading to regulate the unregulated digital currency market. RajkotUpdates.News has reported this news, which has gained the attention of cryptocurrency investors and traders.

Levying TDS/TCS on cryptocurrency trading will help the government in expanding its tax base and curbing tax evasion. However, implementing this tax system will be challenging as the government will have to address several issues like identifying the source of income and deciding the tax rate.

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